Synergic Media is a global e-Learning company that works with clients to create positive learning outcomes for people and organizations.

Our e-Learning solutions are successful because of the experience and expertise we have, the depth of knowledge our associates bring, and the global outsourcing components we can offer.

We understand that having current and relevant training available plays a critical role, but it sometime can be difficult to decide how to best create or update training materials. Recognizing a need for a balance between these issues, we strive to create the perfect custom solution for each of our clients.

Determining the best possible outcome is our very first objective. We listen to the needs of our clients, study the current material, and can offer an array of specific solutions. For some customers this may mean some simple content modifications. For others a completely integrated, interactive multimedia solution would be the best. Each of our clients is unique, having different goals, levels of complexity, and desired users experience. We value that diversity, and incorporate it into every solution we create.

We offer highly interactive courseware, and utilize a variety of tools (including Visual Effects, Simulations, 2D Animations, as well as Audio and Video Solutions) to deliver a comprehensive learning solution. These different methods are important to increasing training effectiveness, appealing to a variety of learners, each with his or her unique style of learning. We apply an array of methods to create the ideal solution - providing an effective and enjoyable education experience.

Because we can provide a broad spectrum of solutions, we are confident we can develop the perfect and cost effective, current training you require! We can provide a full end-to-end solution specific to your requirements, with as many (or as few) bells and whistles as you need.

Synergic Media has already fulfilled contracts for some of the aviation industry's leading training providers. Why? Because we know who and what it takes, to make the cost effective, current training you require!

Please write us if you have any further questions, comments, or desire to retain our services.

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